MOOSE - $6500pp

Specializing in quality over quantity, we limit the number of hunts.  Most of the trans is via Super Cub so weight and space is limited but the trade-off is great hunting.  Hunters need to be in good physical condition and will have a 65# gear limit which allows for me to get you into the spots you need to be.   It's "the good old days" right now in the areas we hunt with some great bulls taken every year.  It's a mountain of work when you get one down so be prepared mentally- but it's so worth it!

BROWN BEAR- $2000pp

Hunts generally take place in unit 16 and you can choose from a spring or fall hunt.  *AK residents only

BBLACK BEAR - $2000pp 

Hunts take place in either unit 16 or 14 typically.  Spring and fall hunts are available.  

CARIBOU (DC590) - $2500pp

(DC475) - $3000pp